A New Class of Data Scientists

The 30-credit hour Master of Science in Data Science prepares students for positions in data science conducting high volume data management, predictive analysis, and visualization. Students completing the degree will develop hands on skills essential to data-driven decision-making. They will use, analyze, and evaluate the technology, algorithms, and architecture applied to meet Data Science challenges in an enterprise setting. Graduates will be able to design innovative solutions in consideration of economic and societal interests into account. They will work in teams and communicate successfully, leveraging networks and knowledge with ethical behavior. They will also manage projects and time effectively, respect and embrace diversity and cultures, and be flexible and adaptive.

Graduates of our program will have developed skills in the following key areas that high performing data scientists in the industry have mastered:

  1. Background knowledge: Understanding the Statistics and Machine Learning that goes on underneath the algorithms a Data Scientist uses.
  2. Coding ability: Comfort with the coding techniques and tools required to build data science products.
  3. Practical Industry Experience: The ability to work with real world clients, listen to business challenge and effectively transform and communicate how the challenge can be met by a data science solution.

The master’s program is designed to prepare students for a career in data science through intensive curriculum and practical training.